Route 66 Wine Trail
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The purpose of the Route 66 Wine Trail guidebook is to promote The Mother Road as a continuous, 2400+ mile, travel destination. In doing so, all businesses will see an increase in revenue, there will be continued Route 66 preservation and maintenance, and visitors will have the experience of a lifetime!

The online directory and printed guidebook will encourage tourism by providing dependable standardized information on all qualified wineries within a 20 mile corridor of Historic Route 66, from Chicago to LA: 2400 miles. We are especially motivated to correct the frequently unreliable location information in online maps (Google, MapQuest, etc,) and GPS units (Garmin, TomTom, etc.).

Our website will link to your website. Our website will also include additional information that you may not have online. We will use QR codes to give Smart Phone users quick access to current information. This will also allow you to keep information up to date.

Please complete the information form AS YOU WANT IT TO APPEAR in the printed ROUTE 66 WINE TRAIL Guide Book. You can also point me to information on your website or send brochures. After you click to SUBMIT, please print the page that has all your responses to keep for your records.

After the form is completed, I will contact you for a short description that includes more than wine... we will tell of the "ADVENTURE" that travelers can expect when they visit you.

Example: You can elope and be married by the vintner at a winery in Missouri.
Example: The sportier your car, the more you will enjoy the drive but RV's beware!

You will be contacted prior to publication! Once entered in our online system, online information can be changed whenever you wish! We will be using on-demand printing services to stay as current as possible.

The only cost to participating wineries is the personalized Wine Trail logo stamp which is very important to travelers wanting to commemorate their adventure. It will have your winery name, state and year. It will be under $30/year and is self-inked.

Other Route 66 Wine Trail merchandise will be available for you to order for your gift shop. We will also pass along information about other products, services and promotional opportunities that come our way.

Our advise is free so you don't have to take it!

Link to the online Form to complete with your winery information

Link to the BETA version of the Wine Trail Directory
  California : 0-5 miles
  California : 05-10 miles
  Illinois : 0-5 miles
  Illinois : 05-10 miles
  Illinois : 10-20 miles
  Kansas : 0-10 miles
  Missouri : 0-5 miles
  Missouri : 05-10 miles
  Missouri : 10-20 miles
  New Mexico : 0-5 miles
  New Mexico : 05-10 Miles
  New Mexico : 10-20 miles
  Oklahoma : 0-5 miles
  Oklahoma : 05-10 miles
  Oklahoma : 10-20 miles
  Texas : 10-20 miles